Who We Are

Dedicated to the mythical god Apollo, whose statue Apollo Lykeios (attributed to the 4th century BCE sculptor Praxiteles) was shaped in thoughtful repose reclining against a tree, the original Lyceum was the peripatetic School of Aristotle in Athens, Greece. Although it had been used before that time for debates by philosophers such as Prodicus (c. 465 - 395 BCE) and Protagoras (c. 490 - 420 BCE), the Lyceum lasted approximately 250 years (c. 335 - 86 BCE) until it was destroyed by the Roman general Lucius Cornelius Sulla (c. 138 - 78 BCE). Its remains were rediscovered in 1996 near the Hellenic Parliament and reopened to the public in 2009.
The Outer Cape Lyceum (OCL) was so named to honor the collaborative nature of Aristotle‚Äôs School, as well as its extensive library of over 10,000 rolls of papyrus.  The Mission of the OCL extends beyond that early calling to include dance & music concerts, film presentations, symposia, the Boathouse Press Gallery, a Film Club, and a library dedicated to arts such as dance, musicals, the visual arts, and film. The OCL sits on nearly three acres of land in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, far out on the Cape Cod peninsula overlooking Wellfleet Harbor.  It is within walking distance to swimming, restaurants, galleries, and the charming New England downtown area of Wellfleet.
The Boathouse Press Gallery
The Boathouse Press Gallery is a contemporary visual and literary arts space comprised of paintings, mixed media, prints, photographs, books and other media available for the 21st century collector. It was created in 2018 by and feature the work of Sarah Riley and Marc Strauss.


Ongoing Printmaking Workshops are offered at the Boathouse Press Gallery by the bay in Wellfleet. Call and talk to Sarah if you are interested in
mixed-media printmaking classes, 573 275-3194.